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Today, the ACP Milepost and Right-of-Way/Access Road layers were updated with more recent data obtained from state regulatory agencies in VA and WV. Access the CSI Mapping System here. The new Milepost layer actually contains 3 sub-layers: Current Mileposts, 1/10 Mile Marker and FEIS Mileposts (2017). See below.

“Current Mileposts” refer to a recent reference layer acquired from West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection. We believe these Mileposts are referenced in recent Incident Reports, Variance Requests and other filings.

“FEIS Mileposts (2017)” refer to the Milepost references as shown in the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)and approved by FERC and other regulatory agencies. These Mileposts should be used when searching for project features and information in the FEIS and other, older documents.

The Right-of-Way and Access Road Corridors layer contains more recent data obtained in March of 2019 from modifications to West Virginia's Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan that were posted online due to regulatory requirements. For the Virginia portion, VADEQ shared GIS data with ABRA-CSI that was used for reviewing ACP's Erosion & Sediment Control plans in the summer and fall of 2018. The VADEQ data only included data describing eight (8) Access Roads associated with the project. That apparently is all that DEQ reviewed.

There are known to be at least 100 additional Access Roads in the Virginia portion of the CSI Study Area (VA/WV border to eastern border of Buckingham County, VA). For these features, data has been updated as best as possible, using the Construction Alignment Sheets, produced in January of 2018 by GAI Consultants.

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If the ACP project is allowed to proceed, the ABRA Pipeline CSI program will work to limit the inevitable environmental damage through a program designed to investigate and follow-up on reported incidents of both downstream surface water impact and noncompliance with construction requirements in areas of direct disturbance, including the pipeline corridor, access roads, and stream crossings.


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