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CSI Central will follow-up on significant citizen reports by dispatching CSI Incident Response Teams to obtain aerial photography, water data, and other information to confirm and investigate reported problems. Information collected by the CSI Response Teams will be posted on the CSI Mapping System, made available to the public, and submitted to the responsible regulatory agencies in cases when noncompliance is confirmed or when it is evident that required control measures are incapable of preventing water resource harm.


The following summarizes some of the major stream impacts, noncompliance issues, or failures of control measures that may be evident to citizen observers.

Corridor and Access Road Observations

When observing the construction corridor, access roads, and other disturbed areas look in particular for a lack of, or failure of, erosion controls, including evidence of concentrated flows, and evidence of sediment moving offsite. Most problems will be evident during or shortly after rain or snow melt.

  • Failed, mismanaged, or missing downgrade perimeter control structures

  • Failed, mismanaged, or missing water diversions

  • Discharge or runoff of sediment-laden water without sediment removal

  • Earth disturbance to edge of stream without erosion controls

  • Presence of erosion gullies

  • Presence of earthen slips, landslides, or washouts

  • Presence of mud tracked on to public roads from construction corridor and other disturbed areas

  • Sediment-laden runoff from access roads and the presence of mud and ruts on road surface

Downstream and Stream Crossing Observations

When observing streams look in particular for indications of erosion and sedimentation, changes in runoff properties, or evidence of petroleum contamination. Many problems will be most evident during or shortly after rain or snowmelt.

  • Sediment plume, muddy water, or other discoloration

  • Sediment deposits on streambed, stream bank, or adjacent areas

  • Stream bank erosion and undercutting and damage to aquatic habitat.

  • Equipment in streams

  • Oily film on water surface or petroleum smell

  • Evidence of spill control or cleanup efforts

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