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Pipeline CSI Mapping Systm


The CSI Mapping System is an online interactive map designed to provide high-quality geographic data regarding the

Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP).


The purpose of the CSI Mapping System is to support public oversight of any ACP construction.

Below is a windowed version of the Mapping System. Note: the map embedded below may not fit well in all screen sizes.

To access it in a separate full-screen window, click HERE.

Learn how close the proposed ACP route is to your home, water source, creek, or favorite viewshed. View the geologic and downstream risks associated with this route. Let this mapping system guide your geographically-based organizing and environmental monitoring efforts. We are always improving and adding to our data, so stay tuned to our Pipeline Air Force Flights tab, especially, to stay up to date on the so-called “progress” of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

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