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Whether you’re a concerned landowner, neighbor, community member, or just a passer-by, keeping a watchful eye for water pollution and unlawful construction practices is the easiest way to participate in the CSI program.

In most cases, citizen observers will not have the kind of on-the-ground access to the pipeline corridor, access roads, and other infrastructure that would be required to fully evaluate compliance with environmental requirements.

Citizens will mostly be restricted to observation of downstream effects and observation of construction sites from

public road crossings, with few opportunities for other off-site observations from public or private land. Much of the earth disturbance associated with pipeline construction will be out-of-sight to citizen observers. Even so, downstream effects will be readily apparent, and limited but useful observation of construction activity may be possible.

Unsure about what counts as something you should report? Check out our helpful Top-Ten Issues page and document!

Typing on Laptop


  • Take photos in the field with your phone or digital camera (be sure GPS or GeoLocation is turned on).

  • Take notes associated with each photo.

  • Email the photos and a typed description of your observations to CSI Central.

Pipeline Incident Report form.jpg


Form is below.

Mobile Phone


877-462-2272 (877-GO2-ABRA)

  • Leave us a message describing your observation.

  • Please provide your full name and phone number - this will not be shared.

  • Provide the location of your observation - coordinates are best.

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