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Local Volunteer Coordinators

     Local Coordinators are integral to the success of the Pipeline Construction Surveillance Initiative (CSI.) They organize the actions of on-the-ground volunteers and coordinate with landowners to observe and record unlawful pipeline construction activity in their areas. Local Coordinators help build incident reports of non-compliant construction activity and of construction-related pollution incidents that are then submitted to both state and federal regulatory agencies. Not waiting on our government to do the right thing, the Pipeline CSI also uses that community-supplied data to build bodies of evidence for the many court cases against the permits that underlay government approval of ACP. The CSI model is only as good as the local community members that constitute it. All of this starts with you and your local community of committed volunteers.

The documents below are meant to help different local organizing hub get better organized. Read the Local Coordinator Playbook to learn tips and guidance on mustering your neighbors and local groups into productive Citizen Observers and members of the CSI.

Depending on your locale, you'll want to download one of the Map Books below to have a printable and simplified version of the comprehensive CSI Mapping System. They contain two pages for every map frame, showing the topography on one page and the satellite imagery on the other to better help you and your friends and neighbors understand the lay of the land in your organizing and pipeline-response area.


Download and Print Helpful Documents

CSI_LC_Map Book_AugCo_113-125.jpg
CSI_LC_Map Book_HighBathCo_71-79.jpg
CSI_LC_Map Book_NelsonCo_124-129.jpg
CSI_LC_Map Book_AugCo_92-106.jpg
CSI_LC_Map Book_BuckCo_140-157.jpg
CSI_LC_Map Book_HighCo_67-74.jpg
CSI_LC_Map Book_NelsonCo_130-137.jpg
CSI_LC_Map Book_AugCo_104-116.jpg
CSI_LC_Map Book_BathCo_77-93.jpg
CSI_LC_Map Book_NelsonCo_124-141.jpg
CSI_LC_Map Book_PocaCo_48-68.jpg
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